Thursday, April 24

Number eight

Dedicated to 8 young men currently facing jail time. For what? For speaking their mind! For being young and for doing what they believe in! They have been on a hunger strike as a sign of protest but it has done little to change the wicked orders. This is yet another disgusting attempt by the authorities to silence the country's future- its youth.

why do you hate?
for what, oh please be kind and reiterate
and please tell me there is an expiration date
on that deep, disgusting hate!
is it for freedom of one's mind?
or your jealousy of an existence of such mankind?
don't worry the day will come for you to find
the punishment for suffering you've mastermind

but till then lets evaluate your hate
oh yes, that's filthy, gross and nasty state

so let's begin with who you are?
a snake? awaiting for your bait?
that sounds just about right
a snake-that bites at day and night

who else you are?
no, no, you are a madman sucked in hate
and all you care about is large estate
living a life in that presumptuous state
you are a truly snake, with venom ready not just for 8
despite you knowing their innocence
you bite right through them without any wait
just like a vicious snake would readily disarm its bate

but not to worry, there is a cure even for your hate

there is this thing called justice gate
and soon you too will hit its door
and there you'll see the sadness you've deplored
the pain you have imposed upon
the lies you've fed, not once
and not just to innocent number 8
but to the millions of this country's men

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