Sunday, April 4

Dear Mr. President...

Dear Mr. President,

Why do I feel like you hate us- the youth of Azerbaijan, who is educated, creative, talented and smart?

Why do young Azerbaijani students need to suffer in universities, just because their teachers demand money?

Why is it, that the prestige of a university is measured not by the education it gives but how much an exam costs?

Why is it that every time when I think of our government, I can't think of good enough reasons to protect and respect my country?

Why is it, that when talking of our history, of first independent Azerbaijan of 1918 that we all take so much pride in and of great figures as Mammad Amin Rasulzade, I find myself surrounded by streets, parks, avenues, statues dedicated to our late President- Heydar Aliyev and other members of your family?

Why is it, that in the place where Rasulzade's statue was supposed to stand, there is a fountain?

Dear Mr. President,

Why do you think that we are the threat to you and your government?

Have you tried talking and listening to us? Hearing great ideas we have? After all, we did study international relations, management, political science, economics, law, and many other academic fields to be useful for our countries and make it a better place?

Dear Mr. President,

Why is it always has to be "us" vs. "them" ("you")? Why are we threatened or have to spend our youth in prison cells while actual criminals are free and enjoy their careless lives?

Why is it, when one of us, wants to go abroad, we have to defer our offers because the government refuses to sponsor some of us because of our views?

Dear Mr. President,

I like the new Baku, but I don't agree that we need to demolish old buildings- thats also our history. I like the new clean buildings, but I don't like walking in the street and inhaling all that stone sand that comes off the buildings during renovation. I like the new parks but I don't think its right to remove statues- don't you think its also part of our history?

And lastly, Dear Mr. President,

I know you don't like when others tell you what to do and when others criticize things you do, but perhaps, you are simply not aware of it (so maybe if I write it here, now, you will know and take some measures to deal with it), majority of people are suffering in this country but simply are too afraid to talk and say what they want to say because their salaries are low or their pensions are not enough.

As a citizen of this country, there is nothing more than me wanting to see Azerbaijan become a better place, where people can talk freely, act independently, write passionately, and live without fear! I still have some hopes, I hope these hopes only grow stronger rather than fade away and remain a dream...


limerent said...

touching one. it reminded me of this song

arzu geybulla said...

thank you,
by the way, i was trying to leave a comment yesterday on your post with a video from youtube (alexander rybak) but tried several times and didn't work.
wanted to say that really liked the video- very funky and nice song :)

Bugsy said...

Dear Ms. Arzu, as an "educated, talented youth", versed in politics, history etc., you sure must understand that this kind of letters are a complete waste of time.

"Dear people of Azerbaijan, what is wrong with you ?", is the only question to be asked here...

arzu geybulla said...

Dear Bugsy,

It might be a "waste of time" but knowing that this blog is monitored by certain people, I thought it would be worth writing it.

And anyway, one might equally say, whats the point of this blog as well. no?

Thanks for the comment,

Ali said...

Mən də altına imza atıram..

Vusal Karimli said...

We'll all die one day, won't we?

Anonymous said...

Cenab President, 2006 ci ilde tehvil verilmish Samaxi Olimpiya kompleksi niye bele teze kohneldi ki, onu sokub tezesini tikirler? Nedi nedi, bu artiq muasir teleblere cavab vermir, hm, maraqlidi 2006 ci il ne tez kecen esr oldu :)

Anonymous said...

I believe no further comments are needed .

Hence, just putting my signature under it. :)

P.S. @Bugsy: Living in this world is a waste of time, unless you live the right way.



Sevda said...

Arzu thank you so much for your brave nature and other brave youths in Azerbaijan who does not afraid to write truth to the dictator- president.
If we had more people in Azerbaijan just like you then we would not have this type of dictator at the moment and living in poverty
Unfortunatly we dont have many brave people with dignity. Our nation need to wake up as soon as possible . if not that i can just see slave future for this nation.
Thanks again and
Take care

Sevinj said...

Zu, ti umnica i ya gorjus' svoey umnoy i smeloy sestrenkoy. Allah seni de bizim genclerimizi de saxlasin.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering whether the situation itself would change if president and system changes?! Hm, I have doubts about it, i mean, who and what guarantees that we will have better lives, as long as we have the same indifferent Azeri nation. :(((

Anonymous said...

Biz deyesen, hec qirgizlar qeder de olmadiq. :(

aynur said...

Anonymous who is wondering whether the situation itself would change if president and system changes. Instead of just wondering you had better try to change the situation and leave your doubt to yourself. Nation are the face of the president. Azeri nation was not like that before. This president put the nation on that way. Not all people have strong character and special if they have a children and they have to give food to children then they can forget about conscience,honest and etc.
Azerbaijan nation need honest patriotic president like Ali Kerimli who will not steal money from us and buy house in Dubai for $75 million and etc.

Anonymous said...

@Aynur, I wouldnt argue about what I've been doing for this country for the last 10 years abroad. It is not the case of proving who does more.

I've got just one question to ask concerning "Ali Kerimli who will not steal money from us and buy house in Dubai for $75 million ". Do you guarantee that he will not steal?:) The reason why I am asking is that you wrote it so sure as if you are Ali Karimli. :)

Frankly, I hardly believe in that. Plus, you are forgetting about what one thing in politics. It is only people, which I dont doubt his electorate, however it is not that much. Also, political elite or let's call it "rich people". without their support NO GOVERNMENT NO PRESIDENT survives in realities of today's world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous what are you talking about?what is your idea? Dont trust anyone(PUT IN DOUBT HONESTY of ALI KERIMLI) and let Aliyevs family to continue to rob us and make them richer and richer very day??? If you dont give a chance to another politician how are you going to know who is good or bad? Do you realise how are people living now?How they are poor. What salary they have? Inspite of the condition of Azerbaijanians Aliyev can just talk rubbish that people are not poor and economic is ok. He does not have any shame, he wants more and more money,He bought for his son house for $44 mln while majority of Azerbaijanians children are hungry. He has done many unforgivable crimes and he and all his family must have a punishment for that crime!!!!!!!!! I wish one day