Sunday, April 20

We are on hunger strike- statement by N!DA activists

Below is the text from the statement of N!DA activists who are facing prison terms from 6.5 to 8.5 years. These young men were arrested on trumped up charges and are on hunger strike together with their parents. 
We, 8 persons prosecuted connected to the prominent Nida case as a result of repressions started against Nida Civic Movement on 7 March 2013, are in prison. Our interrogation for a few hours during 7 months of preliminary investigation and humour spectacle called “court” has proven that, we are in prison as a consequence of a political order, for exercising our rights. The fact that, throughout half a year of the court proceedings our petitions have been turned down, testimonies and objects, which cannot be considered as proofs are being considered as such, shows that, tough accusation judgment is expected against us. Today’s demand of the public prosecutor to sentence us for prison term of between 6.5 and 8.5 years is a proof for that. We are starting a hunger strike with demand of our release protesting this political discrimination and repression. If we approach this issue more realistically, we consider that, the authorities are not going to confess that, the process, which has been going on for more than a year is politically motivated, and will not acquit us. Therefore, we suggest the authorities to show political will and release us from prison through any method. Our aim is to achieve freedom through peaceful means - eternal method of Nida.
We have taken all the possible harms into account. We are strong and resolute. We believe that, we will get our freedom.
Shahin Novruzlu
Mammad Azizov
Bakhtiyar Guliyev
Rashad Hasanov
Uzeyir Mammadli
Rashadat Akhundov
Zaur Gurbanlı
Ilkin Rustamzada
And here is another letter written by one of the young men- Rashadat Akhundov:
Dear friends,
We have started hunger strike since yesterday, April 17th. Our decision is a serious one. We ask of you and our parents not to request of us to halt of the strike. In any case, such a request will be refused. This is a new phase of the moral and dignified struggle for your and our freedom. Perhaps it is the last phase for us. Since either they have to set us free, or we will leave this place as dead corpses. There is no other way. This is our only demand.
We love you all.
Rashadat Akhundov,
prisoner of conscience
To help these eight young men, you can sign the following petition.

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