Thursday, June 20

Taksim square- before and after the protests

Last night, as I joined residents of Istanbul in Taksim square for #standingman silent protest memories of how the square liked just few days back hit me pretty quickly. I have grown used to the crowd, there was something certainly very special in the air. Last night everything looked different. As if in fact nothing ever happened. 

And so, I thought I share the images below comparing the early days of protests, before police hit everyone pretty hard with violence and emptied the park with tear gas, sound bombs and violence.

p.s.: photography by me. if you are interested in more photos from the protests you can visit here, i have compiled all the photographs i have been taking of the protests in this album.


The Mum Keeper said...

i like your blog - and i've been delighted to unearth it. i'm a blogger too and there's a chance we may move to azerbaijan ... from africa (does it get more surreal?!) I wondered if i could mail you some questions if you had time to lend some thoughts/insight? thank you.

Arzu Geybulla said...

hey there,
sure, shoot me an e-mail. will try and help as much as i can.