Friday, July 5

New Azerbaijan-a movie in the making?

Taking a break from the news in Turkey, its time for me to say few words on whats been happening back home in Azerbaijan. 

For starters, for the first time in many years, Azerbaijani opposition finally came together and formed a National Council of Democratic Forces (I will put emphasis on "agreeing" here, because that seemed rather challenging before). They also chose its official face- Rustam Ibrahimbeyov. In the early 90s, Ibrahimbeyov co-wrote the screenplay for "Burnt by the sun" which won the Oscar in the category for the best foreign film. Few days ago, the Council announced Ibrahimbeyov's candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for October. 

Surely, the ruling government reacted swiftly to the announcement. "Our candidate will get majority of votes" announced Mubariz Gurbanly, member of the ruling party's political council. Once again, reminding me of a child arguing with a friend over whose dad is better and stronger. In another anti- Ibrahimbeyov statement, a senior member of the ruling YAP, Siyavush Novruzov said, "He will only embarrass him and the political parties united behind him". Why would a "senior" political party member say something as "unsenior" as this is interesting. One would expect a more heavy weight statement (or not statement at all?!)

And then there are the never ending conspiracy theories- not only in Turkey but also in Azerbaijan, suggestions that an "interest lobby" is omnipresent whenever something new is happening in Azerbaijan is something we all are used to by now. There are jealous forces out there, wanting to ruin the ever so blossoming Azerbaijan. If this is not a perfect screenplay for a movie then what is it?! I think it will make an excellent blockbuster.

So will an Oscar winning screenwriter manage to stand the leading villain of the movie we will see in few months. For now, its going to be interesting to see further government's reaction. Someone should keep a record of these though, might be gems for a screenplay. Don't tell me later I never said so...

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