Sunday, July 29

Time for summer clean- up after Eurovision

This is my most recent article on post- Eurovision Azerbaijan and the crackdowns that continue in a country where change (a very optimistic word in this case) is very slow and authorities care little about anything but themselves. 

You can read the original article in English here and in Italian here.

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Anonymous said...

I call it 'after Eurovision Hysteria'.
We have been attacked just because we won the song contest. Seems like a victory is punishable when it comes to Azerbaijan.

I can just imagine how much of stress some people get when it comes to Azerbaijan's success. I mean I can only imagine that those people in depressing situation when they hear that Azerbaijan is able to organize the event of this scale (and much bigger scale as well if needed). How difficult for those to live.... bringing couple of names and saying that freedom of speech is very limited in Azerbaijan - is very weak argument. Here is reality: free internet in the country, anyone can right anything they want; opposition's newspapers (Yeni Musavvat and Azadlig) are one of the highest in terms of print amounts per day - and by the way government occasionally pays out the debt of these newspapers for publishing - show me a single country where this happens...; free radio stations trashing the president and the government on daily basis - nobody closes them down or creates any obstacles on the way for their activity; TV stations - wide range from state supporting (as in any country in the world) to independent expressing the alternative views. What else needed? Happy to discuss it further if you wish.