Tuesday, July 31

Hunger Games and Aliyev Regime

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What does one of the recent bestseller trilogies and Azerbaijan's well known human rights tyrant Aliyev have in common? Well, don't you think it's already obvious by the first sentence of this post? If not then let me draw some parallels here so as not to leave anyone in the dark...
For those of you who have already read the books would know what I mean if I say- Capitol, Panem, President Snow and districts. For those who haven't read the book here is a short scoop- Capitol is the "capital" of what was once upon a time somewhere in North America. "Panem" is the nation that lives in the Capitol and other districts. And President Snow is the tyrant/dictator ruling the whole of Panem. Now without spoiling the book or the story let me go back to the connection. 

As you already guessed- President Snow is no other but Ilham Aliyev. Capitol and Panem- well that's easy to figure out. And just like in Capitol where people live lavish life styles (not all but enough, where life moves at its paste, where buildings are high and sky is the limit) Baku fits the description just fine. But what is really extraordinary (I gotta' tip my hat off to the author) is the similarity of the ways in which President Snow and President Aliyev especially when it came to punishing, humiliating and what is more alarming- killing the dissidents and those who protested the system operated- cold blooded, threatening and uncanny. 

And of course, the "Hunger Games" are daily challenges Azerbaijani people have to face- dealing with violence (especially during rallies), being beaten up by the police (instead of tributes, though in our case, we might as well call our police forces some kind of special tributes, like the challenges and mayhem that would be introduced during the games by those who run the games from their computers). Of course there is less blood (at least visible one, though if we look at most recent cases of journalists and human rights advocates being beaten this might no longer be the case) and murder but overall, the parallel is there. In fact, they way individual districts are described (coal, miners, agriculture, iron and etc.) fits our regional districts, starving people (more or less as salaries are low and prices are high, agitated and strict police reporting to the capital and doing whatever it basically wants, should I go on? No, I think I will stop here for now... 

Now, the only thing missing in this parallel is the hero of the book, or the heroes of the book- the Mockingjay, Gale, Peeta and others. Unfortunately there ain't no Mockingjay in Azerbaijan but maybe one day we'll have one too- come out of its ashes, "the bird who was on fire". Who knows... For now however, we'll just have to do with what we have- President Snow/Aliyev, Capitol/Baku, Panem/Azerbaijanis. 


Anonymous said...

Ohhh.... the same all over again.... Criticizing is easiest thing to do especially when there is nothing to suggest. But sometimes and I would say in the most of times the critics in western media towards Azerbaijan becomes very insulting attacks or informational war. Seem like whole west cares about human rights and democracy in Azerbaijan. Common... Guys, this is not even funny anymore. I mean who cares if the human rights in Azerbaijan protected or not? Who cares about more than 1 million Azeris who have been displaced from Nagorniy Karabakh and Armenia and became refuges? Does Human Rights watch mentions about them? Or may be Transparency international cares? These are the organizations are saying what they have been paid for to say. Did any of them conducted any sort of social polls to see what the nation thinks? Did you go to street and ask ordinary people whether they happy with President Aliyev or not? I'm sure you will not do it because you perfectly aware of President's support and this support is real and sincere. It is not forced and because he has got this support and he is capable to lead the country in independent way from anyone else he is often accused being dictator and violator of human rights. Human right is Azerbaijan is at the same level as in all european countries. We all saw how human rights ''protected'' in UK while summer riots in 2011 (can't get the date wrong) when students have been protesting against raising the education fee. 100s have been beaten up by police and thrown to jail. Immigrants protests in France couple years ago - 100s beaten up and jailed. I can continue this list for a long, but bored!
And yes, exporting the democracy and spreading it across the arabian countries - it is innovation in the modern history. Which of those countries where democracy has been imported to the life became much better that it was before? NO ONE! It is worst than ever. Go and see.
I'm not against democracy - I'm for it by all means. But it makes me sick when I see unethical and unjustified attacks towards Azerbaijan just because it realizes its own policy independently and becomes a stronger regional state. Some of the countries can't take it. Because they thing that Azerbaijan needs to be dependent from someone else and natural resources should be fully used for their own interests. It will never happen. Relax. Also, opinion of human rights watch or transparency international or EU does not mean the the opinion of world community. These are the reginal organizations and can only express the opinion of the region. Not whole world. World community is UN. UN supports Azerbaijan.
Please don't think that I belong to pro governmental party or am member of government. I'm not affiliated with any gvrmnt'al organizations. I'm just looking at the things slightly different than you. I have my opinion and this opinion based on real facts rather than one sided criticism.
Good luck and I truly wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

I actually realized the same connection back in June and wrote about it (link below). The connection between the Azerbaijani regime and the Hunger Games is a very clear one. Nice post!


Anonymous said...

The Ramil Safarov release/pardon lends a scary new dimension to this parallel... Literally awarded for killing another. Chilling.

Anonymous said...

Freedom for Ramil Safarov is well justified. Don't worry and be happy. Many people who killed many Azerbaijanis are now ruling armenia.. Any parallels?