Monday, May 17

Democracy is...

DEMOCRACY IS: freedom, power, colors, respect, a right to live, to vote, to speak, to write, to liberty, opportunity, tolerance, balance, democracy and much more. 

"The country is not meant to be made by its government but the government is to be made by the people and for the people"(quote from one of the short movies from the competition)

These are just some of the definitions, of "Democracy is" video challenge held across the globe. Unique opportunity for many to express their understanding and vision of Democracy and share that understanding and vision with the rest of the world. Read more here about the challenge and to see the list of finalists from all the world and their amazing and creative videos. They each need your vote now (May 15th- June 15th) to win. You can cast your vote via "Like" button under all finalists' videos available on YouTube. 

I was proud to see Azerbaijan among the finalists and want to congratulate everyone who worked so hard on the video and the idea itself. Well done you guys!

Below, are some of my favorite videos from the challenge. 

Democracy is... Fair Play (Ethiopia)

Democracy is... For all (South Africa)

Democracy is... Possible (Azerbaijan)

Democracy is... World Vote Now (Spain)

Democracy is... ATTN: Mr. Democrat (Iran)

Democracy is... a way of life (Nepal)

Democracy is... the right of life (Colombia)

What is democracy to you? Surely I don't see many if not any of the characteristics of democracy shown in these videos above in a Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan? Perhaps it is not the time? Or the right place? Is Azerbaijan a right place for a democracy? Or is it a God forsaken part of the world where there will be no democracy? Ever? Don't know, but these short movies really made me think of my home and made me even more pessimistic, though perhaps as it is said in the video from Spain, there will be a point of time in the history of mankind when things are going to be different, when there is going to be a democracy for all and to all?! I guess the only way to go is to wait but while waiting continue doing what we do- fighting in our own ways for our freedom, rights, life, ideals and values. I say, keep on fighting, keep on creating and being different, keep on democratizing ourselves and "revolutionizing our minds"!


b said...

A poem - same theme!

Democracy is the Right to Say "No"
(Los Angeles, July 4, 2003)

Democracy is the right
To say "no"
Not just sometimes,
But always.

Dictators always make us bow to "yes".
Why have the worlds' leaders
Stolen my right to say "no"?

What will it take for me to regain
The power and authority
To claim back my unalienable right
To this tiny, omnipotent,
One-syllabled word:

by Betty Blair,
Editor Azerbaijan International

Anonymous said...

The theoretical reasoning suggests democracy is not a prerequisite of a normal life.

Democracy is, in a sense, a system of feedback between the state and the people. However, in order to implement democracy it has to be not American Democracy prevailed by Western principles, but the democracy that Azeri people will be able to handle, go after and which will reflect their believes and culture, second there has to be proper transition process from Soviet regime to democracy, apparently under previous and current governments the process started but failed, because democracy and people need time to get used to each other. Creating democracy, any kind of it, would require a long term internal and external commitment. Nevertheless, the main question is what Azeris have to do in order to ensure that Azerbaijan gets back on the track of democracy. New rules of the game should be established by the people through more active political participation, and by getting rid of an old Soviet style political culture, thinking, people have to realize that there is no one above the law, that the president or elite is having the same rights as people do. The separation of business and political process should be done. Strong and independent judiciary, more accountable executive branches should be established by government under public pressure.


Jigsawnovich said...

The Azerbaijan "Democracy is... POSSIBLE" video is great! And it's nice to see you posted the "ATTN: Mr. Democrat" video from your neighbor, Iran.

In case readers don't know, this is how you vote:
1.) Sign in to Youtube.

2.) Go to

3.) Click on "VOTE" button.

4.) Search for Democracy Is...POSSIBLE., and click on it when it comes up. 
Enjoy the video and click on the green "thumbs up" button.
(You will know your vote was counted because you will see the red thumb turn gray.)

5.) Search for ATTN: Mr. Democrat, and click on it when it comes up. 
Enjoy the video and click on the green "thumbs up" button.
(You will know your vote was counted because you will see the red thumb turn gray.)

Vote once a day until midnight of June 15th, when the final judging round closes. Tell your friends.