Saturday, August 6

Why new media and social networks are only tools

This has been argued by many, so I wont be telling something completely new here. And yes, I do therefore agree with Evgeny Morozov too and his "Net Delusion: the dark side of internet freedom" book. 

I would say that by now, many would agree that especially in dictatorial regimes, social media can and is used by these very regimes to "retaliate" its own activists for the sake of "greater good".

But I wont be going into too many details with my personal thoughts on this this time and would like to share here instead an interesting post from Rationalinsurgent's blog titled "Regimes can exploit social media too" that pretty much sums it up perfectly. And here is even a teaser for you from that post:
Authoritarian regimes are crafty. They have lots of resources at their disposal, and they think strategically about the best way to use those resources to restore "calm" (read: maintain power).

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