Thursday, August 11

I don't want a Bentley dealership

I have written on this occasion before- Baku's unprecedented construction boom has been reported a number of times and keeps on popping in the news then and now. High rise buildings, expensive boutique shops, however all built at the expense of others. The lavish spending by the authorities and the few who can actually afford the luxury have chosen to close their eyes and forget about the others- pretty much the rest of the country. 

Who cares about people being evicted from their homes, when rich businessman can buy himself a Bentley from the shopping center in Baku? Thats right, the exclusiveness one can get here, could hardly be found in a village in the outskirts of the country. 

But again, who cares about them, Azerbaijani authorities are notorious for their "love" and "care" for its people- yes, in our dreams that is. 

And so, yes, I don't want a Bentley dealership, nor do I want a winter boulevard, especially as its being build at the expense of residents who used to live in that old area of Baku. 

I still have pictures of what is now just rubbles. I used to stroll down those narrow streets until I would reach the Fountain Square but that I guess is just left in a distant memory of my Baku and I am savoring it as who knows whats going to happen next in Baku. 

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Anonymous said...

A.G, I got a question. Do you think that Azerbaijani people (let's not talk about majority or minority, but in general as a whole) care about what's going on around? To me, we are too selfish to think about others around us.



arzu geybulla said...

M.A. unfortunately you are absolutely correct. An average Azerbaijani doesn't care about whatever it is that is going on around. Because they can't- they are consumed by only thinking and caring about what is happening to them.

Thanks for the comment.