Wednesday, August 3

Azerbaijan's never ending insane development projects

If Azerbaijan was a place where people lived in full equality, where journalists had their full rights, where social welfare was at its best and everything was just fine, I would have probably applauded this project. But in a country where minimum salaries can't cover living costs and where freedom of expression, human rights, social protection programs, education, health care and other services are literally collapsing this is for sure a waste of money. And don't tell me Azerbaijani people need this- what Azerbaijani citizen living in a a village in Lenkoran needs, is a proper sewage system, heating and electricity, not to mention a salary and conditions good enough to keep his/her family happy and healthy. Perhaps instead of commissioning these over-the-top initiatives, our respective bodies of governance should channel this money to at least some of the multiple problems that actually are more important at this point than building an Olympic Stadium?!

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