Sunday, January 13

January 12th Protest, Baku, and some rhymes

Last night, as I sat down to read up on the news and tweets from yesterday's protest in Baku, I thought of writing this. Seeing police officers carry peaceful protesters in their arms (literally); blood trickling down from a young man's face brutally treated by the police and those mothers and fathers, holding pictures of their dead sons. Mourning for their children who will never come back, demand justice  and yet our police, cared little of that.

Its not much- few sentences put together and a bit of rhyming.
They take, we sit in silence not saying much
They steal, we keep on sitting,  not caring much
They lie, we grow accustomed to things as such

And so we live, in silence, quiet, unattached
Pretending things are well as we detach
Ourselves, our families, and friends
From the reality and finally lost touch
With what is known as freedom and equal rights

But wait, am I asking already for too much?
No! Not much! Its time to act!

To get whats ours, and that's a fact!
No time to sit in silence and not say much
No time to care little or not as much
We can't afford to let ourselves detach
Together, as one voice we must react!

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