Friday, January 11

Mentality of our Azerbaijani bones

I have lived in several countries in my 20 something life, and nowhere did I hear the word mentality used so often than in my home sweet home Azerbaijan. 

What is this mentality? Some degree of machismo? Or maybe superiority?

Apparently in Azerbaijan it means a lot. For instance, comedians dressing up in women's clothes (which is something many comedians around the world do) is considered "as contradictory to Azerbaijani mentality". Or so says, one of our parliament members Fazil Mustafa. I wonder what else Mr. Mustafa considers as contradictory after hearing him say this. 

I am just curious since when this has become contradictory? Its been done through centuries. Should I remind you of Shakespeare?

You see this is why Azerbaijan is lagging behind with the whole concept of gender equality and women's rights. I am not a feminist, nor will I ever be one (this is just a side note for those whose minds it crossed). I am just for equality and for removal of such senseless expressions as "against/contradictory to mentality". Yes we have a very traditional society where men and women are not treated as equals, where woman's place is at home and man's at work, where women get most of the time off work when they give birth and men get none, even though the baby belongs to both of them, and they should both be entitled to spend the initial (and crucial) first months with the baby and... Wait a second, where was I? Ah right, family, equality and gender, oh and lets not forget the key word in this post- mentality!

So yes, mentality and what contradicts it- maybe its time we really start breaking the stereotypes within our heads?! Mentality is just another excuse for men and sometimes even women to bring it up as an argument, an exit strategy. It doesn't suit us!

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