Tuesday, May 12

Detailed account of the events on May 10th and prior

Friday- Saturday (8- 9th of May): 5 people arrested, mostly leaders of youth movements- Musavat and AXCP. All received 3 to 10 days of imprisonment on the grounds of resisting local police forces ("polise mugavimet"). Among detained was the leader of AXCP youth movement Ebulfaz Qurbanov as well as the leader of Musavat youth movement, Tural Abbasov.

Sunday (10th of May): the total number of those arrested reached 76 people.
The following is the break down of the those arrested:

Police station no. 39: 36 people arrested.

Police station no. 22: 16 people arrested (including Eming Milli, Rashad Shirin, Nigar Fatali, and director of National Democratic Institute Arjen de Wolf). A lot of people showed up outside of this police station from LiveJournal, including Shahin101.

Police station no. 9: 24 people (including the leader of Democratic Reforms Party's youth movement, Ramin Hacili).

What happened?
  • Throughout the day large number of people was coming to the State Oil Academy, leaving flowers with the guards and going to the boulevard all dressed in black. They weren't detained as these were mostly small groups (3- 4) of people;
  • Around 10- 12 female students were walking on the boulevard all dressed in black with black head covers were detained and brought to the police station no. 39. When they were released, people outside of the station greeted them with applause;
  • 7 female students all dressed in black gathered around the statue of C.Cabbarli and were planning to head to the State Oil Academy to leave some flowers- were arrested and taken to the police station no. 22;
  • Emin Milli, blogger Arzu Geybullayeva, blogger Ali Novruzov, and other active members from the Alumni Network, as well as authors on LiveJournal (in total 16 people) were sitting on the stairs of Music Academy. When they decided to go to the State Oil Academy, most were arrested and taken to the police station no. 22;
  • Around 20 people, mostly girls were walking around one of the metro stations with black ribbons covering their mouths;
  • After misinforming local police on the place of protest, around 100 students- some students of the Oil Academy, some members of several youth movements gathered at the newly renovated Sahil Park, where they carried out their protest- whistling. As a result police surrounded them. There were approximately four police officers to one student. They took all those they managed to catch to the police station no. 39;
  • In front of McDonalds downtown, a band was performing, there were a lot of people around. Suddenly around 300 small cards saying "HAMI GUL BAYRAMINA" (Everyone to the slave holiday- the word "GUL" here is carrying an ironic dual meaning- gül- means flower but if you write "gul" then the meaning changes completely- slave) came from the air- no one knows who did this and from where. Everyone was surprised;
  • During the evening concert held as part of the celebrations around 30 students turned their backs at 9.30 (the time when the oil academy was attacked) and after standing like that for about a minute, they all left as a sign of protest;
  • 4 members of Dalga youth movement were arrested when they were sitting on a bench, eating ice cream;
  • The last detained were released at around 23.00 in the evening.  
This information was provided by Adnan Hajizada, member of OL! youth movement.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for translating this. I saw the updates on twitter but I couldn't make it out.

Arzu Geybulla said...

You are welcome!