Tuesday, May 12

Was it really worth it?


These are just a few videos of the tragic events that took place on April 30th at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.

Below are photos I took myself 10 days later from the celebrations of late Presidents' birthday. 
No mourning was declared and the celebrations took place as planned. Among those who were killed, was a new bride, married just two weeks prior to the shootings. She went to work as she did on her usual day, an hour later her mother received a phone call that her daughter was dead.

I am not a judge but how right it was to have the celebrations- the visit to Haydar Aliyev park that day was followed by a concert at the boulevard, and fireworks later in the evening. Was this how the state paid its respect for those who were killed in the shooting or a simple message that it didn't care?! Judge it yourself!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the information on the arrests. It is a really sad commentary on the ability of this government to rule and allow people to *gasp* have a different point of view.


Because they are obsessed by themselves!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is it weird that people keep adding years to H.A.'s life after he died?

Arzu Geybulla said...

Well, it is weird indeed, but we live in dictatorship so who knows why?!

Unknown said...

"funny guy with flowers", Absurdistan:)

Man of Constant Sorrow said...


"Мощь страны измеряется не только экономическим ростом. Она зависит от свободной жизни людей в стране, развития демократии, свободы судов.

Азербайджан прошел очень большой и успешный путь в области развития демократии. Наша страна управляется на демократических основах, опирается на волю народа. Единство народа и власти свидетельствует о том, насколько прочна демократическая обстановка в стране" Ilham Aliev. www.day.az

Anonymous said...


I read your last post and I try to judge. But by what criterion we judge? Who defines what's people's will? How far a goverment needs to compromise to people's need - to that end, to desire of several dozens who cares more than compromising majority? How much social events, tragedies, and cheerful shows directs government policy?
Well...I don't know. I just feel sad because of what Azerbaijani government does: it reminds me authoritarian approach to social life and policy.
Yet I also don't agree with Azerbaijani youth's (mind you, minority, not majority) reaction to tragedy. When politics jumps in and makes people's mourning raw material for political manipulation, it tells only one thing: people, youth too, are desparate under crunching power of authoritarian regime.
In any event...you have a good blog. keep writing and count me among your readers...