Monday, May 11

"We need this!" says military officer during the celebrations yesterday

The above video though in Azerbaijani is only one of several video clips posted yesterday and this morning about the events on May 10th.

This one is my favorite as it shows random citizens interviewed who said very positive things about the country, how much care the Azerbaijani government has given to making the capital so pretty, and etc. 

On the other hand it has clips about youth activists who were detained yesterday for simply walking on the street, holding flowers and wearing black.

In the beginning of the video, Emin Milli tries to call out on all internet users to share this video with as many people as possible, to show the reluctance of Azerbaijani government to the tragic events that took place on April 30th at the State Oil Academy. 

A woman talking next looked completely unaware of what had happened and said she was happy that this holiday was taking place. Just as another woman interviewed with her grand daughter. Who proudly mentioned the fact that she was a member of New Azerbaijan Party (Aliyev's party). Then comes the officer, who says that "we need this...its the birthday of our all- nation leader!".

Then there are clips of people who were detained and those waiting outside of the police station number 22 giving an account of how things developed. 

Good job Ol! Well- done!



Wow, this video was prepared by people from the training workshop about citizen journalism the very same day. I also was participating there, though after second half of the day, when the editing and etc took place, I was absent.

Arzu Geybulla said...

Cool, thanks! Well, either way, great job! Thanks for preparing it!


actually, I was in another group (there were two groups), and I still don't know what they have produced after editing :)