Monday, April 13

Azerbaijan during the European Games: what you probably don't know (part 2)

So apparently a new limitation (or more like a ban) is imposed on the local residents of Baku. Turns out now the residents who reside in buildings on the main streets overlooking avenues, and downtown Baku wont be able to hang clothes outside on their balconies (!)

Residents of some buildings say they were "informed" about the new regulation by some "directorship" who plastered posters on the buildings in downtown Baku.

Locals believe this new "regulation" comes in the preparation to the European Games so as not to "disturb" the beauty and esthetics of the city. Haha!

So yea, if you are in town for the games, please be aware that because of these unnecessary, expensive and overrated games Baku's local residents are even being prevented from their Eco-friendly, traditional ways of drying clothes. 

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