Wednesday, April 8

If you were ever interested in visiting Azerbaijan, now is the time!

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country. I personally love the country side, especially the north where one can find waterfalls, gorgeous mountains, stunning views not to mention mind blowing food that will leave you craving for more.

That is aside from the issues - poverty, unemployment, crackdown on freedom of speech and rights abuse. But hey here is a unique chance to see and taste both.

Normally its rather difficult to get into the country. Yes, surely there is a visa application process, but often it takes longer that the consulate/embassy promises too and every once in a while they can choose whether you actually deserve a visa or not.

But now that the country is about to host the European Games the visa regime is really simplified. You can actually obtain your visa at any of the listed airports (Ganja, Zaqatala, Nakhchivan (!), Baku and Gebele) so long as you provide a valid ticket for the games, an application form, passport sized photographs, visa fee, a travel document valid for at least three months (there is actually an additional comment on the website of Baku European Games warning that if your passport is even a day short you wont get a visa so make sure its all legit).

So if you are still interested, and would like to see both the overground and the underground of Azerbaijan and the "Dubainised Baku" here is your chance. Or until we get to host some other ridiculous international event.

To check visa fees click here and here is a price list for the games.

Good luck and enjoy!

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