Saturday, October 4

Killing her harshly

Yea, I know that song but its not about it, or maybe it is. What I am going to share is certainly about killing but not softly in this case. In prison they either kill you immediately or harshly (well you might say harshly softly too). 

Leyla Yunus, is a prominent human rights advocate from Azerbaijan. A woman of great respect, she has done her share of service to her country.

As many of you know she has been in prison. On false charges [just like 98 other political prisoners behind bars in Azerbaijan]. 

There has been a very special treatment towards Mrs. Yunus. She has been beaten by the prison guard already. She has been harassed by her cell mate. But above all, it looks like the prison management is determined on killing Mrs. Yunus. It must be easy for them. Keep the cell without heating. Don't give the person hot water to wash. Keep the medication away and voila soon you might have a dead inmate.

She has written numerous complaints, sent statements and pleas. But to no avail. The recent statement by her lawyers says she might not survive this winter unless the facilities and treatment changes and she is given proper medical care at the hospital.  It is unlikely the prison will comply since they don't care and they are bound to what the guys with big bellies "up there" tell them to do.

So what its going to be? Killing her harshly? Or softly? Or saving face and preventing a disaster rolling over their heads?!

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