Tuesday, October 7

Azerbaijan's one hell of a public service efficiency

If there is one thing Azerbaijani government is efficient at then I'd say its jailing people (and I see how authorities might see this as part of the public service). It is true that recent service provision like "asan xidmet" [Trans: Easy Service] have made things a tat bit easier for citizens to get things done but lets be honest here, writing about this is like saying shut your eyes and just get what i shove down your throat - if its public service efficiency crap then that's what its going to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here is why the rant. An article that appeared on Guardian talks about an e-service center that started working in the capital of Baku providing citizens "eased" public services. You can get a new passport as well as national identification card and a myriad of other services done here. And its all corruption free! Yeay!

The problem isn't so much about the service but about who stands behind it. The man behind is Ali Huseynov, an MP, and by default member of the ruling party. He is also Chairman of the Parliament's Law Committee which means he is behind many of the draconian laws Azerbaijani parliament adopted in the past. Huseynov firmly stands behind his GONGO called Azerbaijan Lawyer Confederation where he is the chairman of the board. 

The author of the Guardian article is Kamal Jafarov, who happens to be the Secretary General of the same Confederation. 

Get the link between the two? Maybe it was even Huseynov who wrote the piece and needed someone else name to put on that article. But thats besides the point. The point is while we have over 98 political prisoners, dismal rights record, and decapitated media, how can we have "news" about services as Asan. Its like, hey, no matter how many people are sent to jail and under what pretext, the important thing is that you can still pay your bills and get your shit done at this one place - isn't it great?! Isn't this wonderful?! Who cares about the rest, isn't it all just a technicality?! 

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