Friday, September 26

Congratulations! We made it to Obama's speech (despite the stutter)

Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative Forum, President Obama named some of the most notorious countries for their crackdown on free speech and media. 

Azerbaijan too made that list, despite President Obama's stutter. So what?! Apparently, others [RU] in Azerbaijan took it as their responsibility to poke fun at this incident. Which for some if not many, probably went unnoticed. 

But all these jokes and what not are besides the actual point - Azerbaijani government cracks down on independent non-governmental organizations, individuals and journalists on an on-going basis. And no matter what our beloved government officials say to our media (none of which is free by the way) its the opposite. In fact, its like a game - whatever they say, always think the opposite. So if you hear somewhere our officials say we have freedom of speech guaranteed and rule of law provided, just think the opposite times a 100 because in reality the situation is always much worse. 

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