Wednesday, August 13

CIA agent!

There are many things that keep on surprising me about Azerbaijan and its keen hard-working trolls (or whoever these folks are) to say everything that comes to their troll-minds about those who tend to have a different opinion from them. 

So in the past few years, I have been called many things- ranging from so-so to bad and to terrible. At first it gets to you. Then although you end up developing a stamina for it it still bothers you. After a while, it becomes funny although in a tragic and dramatic sense. 

When I received this tweet this morning, I laughed because obviously this guy have completely lost his mind (unless of course there never was on in place). 

Perhaps its going to be a disappointment to you mr. @TSOKUMAE who has only 23 followers but no, I am not a CIA agent and no, I am not the prodigy of some American Journalism- not sure what that was supposed to mean anyway. 

All I could say is good luck with your work and endeavors- I am sure you are going to make one professional troll one day.

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