Wednesday, July 30

Alley Oop!

It is depressing. Reading news from Azerbaijan is depressing. Hearing terrible stories about detentions, arrests, kidnappings is depressing. Hearing government officials lie despite of everything that is going on is depressing. Hearing new human rights activists and advocates being barred from leaving the country is depressing. Hearing bank accounts being frozen is depressing. 

How easy it has become to kidnap people in Azerbaijan? 
How simple one can accuse someone of fraudulent engagements when the whole government is in nothing else but fraudulent.

Perhaps we don't even have to aim so high. Take any school, or a university for that matter in Azerbaijan. Look at the level of corruption there?! We have doctors with bought diplomas for Gods sake?! Do you know what this means?! That we have no future! Or we have a very depressing future ahead. 

It is depressing. Sometimes I cannot even stomach it. How can it be so easy. It just happens. Alley oop and all of a sudden you can land in jail. Alley oop and you are a drug addict. Alley oop, and you are a traitor.

But this is not a circus. Its all real. And its real people who are punished. Yes, punished! For speaking their mind, for being open minded, for embracing (or at least wanting to) a future that is not DEPRESSING!

And why? Because someone is not comfortable, someone needs to have the constant state of fear installed in such a way that it only needs an occasional update, like today, chuck few people in jail, freeze few more accounts and there you have it.  No need for an update until the pretrial detention times run out and then a new update is needed. Another alley oop and there, you have it- another innocent man or a woman in behind bars, or threatened, or blackmailed. Doesn't matter as long as the end goal is clear- more fear!

And its everyone. Everyone must live in fear. Activists, their family members, their friends, their distant family, and distant friends. 

You see what I mean! It is just depressing...

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