Saturday, March 8

Celebrating Women- only once a year!

Today is March 8th- International Women's Day. The day when all the men around the world (or at least in places where this day is celebrated) congratulate women around them. They buy them presents, boxes of chocolates, and flowers. In fact, florists are probably the happiest people on this day, because its THE day of profits. Its great and all when you look at it from a festive point of view bu...

The flowers, the chocolate and the presents: 
Don't we deserve flowers every day rather than just one day in a calendar that has 364 other days based on the logic of all the messages and cards that are sold on this day (oh women are like flowers, they need to be treated well and sought after type of cards and messages)? How difficult is it to buy flowers for the women surrounding you on other days? Whats the excuse? And can I just say this?! I don't need anyone to take care of me thank you very much! I am perfectly capable of looking after myself, even if that means staying alone for the rest of my life and being called a feminist- because thats the excuse people who think otherwise tend to use.

Oh, its March 8th, lets go buy mom a present?! Why?! There are no other days, no other reasons to buy moms presents? They take care of us all their life, and yet, the only time we justify presents is on March 8th? Or what about our wives? Our sisters? Our friends? And I am not talking about massive, expensive presents, I am talking about simple things to express appreciation. Full stop!

And what about Respect? Is this the only day in the year when women get to be respected? Not harassed? (Though I am sure as I write these words millions of women out there are getting harassed) Not treated like crap? Are employed as secretaries and lower paid jobs just because they are women and even if they are qualified to do better jobs (not to mention higher payed), just because their male boss(es) simply thinks he can, he does?!

Violence, tradition, norms:

What about violence? Do we honestly think that by being so sweet and kind on this day makes women who suffer violence suffer it less? Men who beat their wives, daughters and sisters less? Brothers who are ordered by their fathers to murder their sisters simply because some other man, looked at them? Young girls who are married off to older men simply because their fathers want to? Governments who pretend to care but never take measures against violence at home, gender equality and early marriages? 

And what about women who are forced to stay at home and take care of the households? Who are not allowed to study? Who are not allowed to travel? Who are not allowed to do anything?

Yes, it is March 8th, yes, we are flowers, yes, you love us all very much but lets just pause the frenzy for a moment. Perhaps, March 8th, should be the day, when we remind ourselves of the things other powerful, inspiring women have done in the world and take a lesson. Stop for a moment and think of all the injustice that was done against women and all the crimes that still are being committed against women simply because men can? Perhaps, this should be the day, when all of us, remind our governments and the world that a lot more needs to be done to improve the equality, to change mindsets, to educate, and then celebrate the cause. Happy International Women's Day! 

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