Monday, March 17

Selfie as a tool for nonviolent civil resistance

Selfies are popular. The most recent selfie that got many talking/tweeting/blogging about it was from this year's Oscar's with Ellen DeGeneres and the rest of the stars of the Hollywood movie scene. 

But there is a new selfie that would totally beat that. The one that was shared just recently, this past week in fact, during the clashes with police and the peaceful protesters all the way across the ocean, miles and miles away from the Hollywood's Dolby theater in a police van, in Turkey.

Ali Emre Mazlumoglu shared this seflie when detained. 

I never thought that selfies could one day become a tool for civil disobedience in a way. Ever since the protests erupted and shook Turkey last summer, humor was one of the most commonly used tools when it came to showcasing the anger and frustration of the Turkish people against the ruling government of the Justice and Development Party. Many songs were written or lyrics re-adjusted, funny slogans and chants voiced, even graffiti had elements of humor especially in Istanbul.

And today as protests in Turkey continue, humor again is one of the most important tools used to keep the spirits high.

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