Friday, November 30

Psychopathic traits and dictators

I am (and sometimes its hard to confess ehm ehm) a big Hunger Games fan. Not only have I read all of the books in one go (literally) I bought this unofficial guide to the books and the story couple months back. And there was one thing that I have been meaning to share on this blog from that book that I really liked but haven't done until now. So here you go.

On p. 130 of the book, the author shares a "Psychopathic Traits, President Snow and his Gamemakers" table, which is a fascinating discovery for me personally especially when most of the traits if not all of them are applicable in reality to most of the authoritarian rulers and their devoted network around the world today. 

I am going to share some of them here with you:
This makes pretty much all of the dictators (like the President Snow himself though fictional) psychopaths, which makes me wonder, is it curable? From what I have read so far, looks like its a bit of a difficult process, if not controversial. So, what does that leave us with?                         

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Anonymous said...

our mayor in kornet chahwan lebanon fits all of the above!I`am really stunned!!!!!