Wednesday, November 28

Life in a bubble- Azerbaijan

Yes, this is how life must be for the Azerbaijani authorities- living in a bubble of everything that's not real but preached to be. And here is why... Few days ago, state media decided to yet again speak on behalf of someone. In a blunt report, our "honest" media claimed only words of praise coming from U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijani, Richard Morningstar on his recent trip to Nakhichevan. Fortunately for Azerbaijani people, the U.S. Embassy was quick to react, accusing the aforementioned outlet for blasphemy
The Ambassador did not make such comments [praising Azerbaijan's democratic progress] to anyone, and reports claiming that he did so are not true.
Surely, it shall come as no surprise that our "honest" media forgot to mention the purpose of Ambassador Morningstar's visit to Nakhichevan, which was the very opposite of what the newspaper claimed- poor quality of democracy and human rights. This cannot be a typo, nor it can be an editorial mistake. In fact, if this was a so- called mistake, the editor of that newspaper should be fired. But no, this wont happen, because in that bubble- Azerbaijan there was no mistake because in that bubble- Azerbaijan, there is democratic progress and development in every aspect of every Azerbaijani citizen.

Lets see who is going to be the next target of "honest" media of bubble- Azerbaijan...


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