Monday, October 1

Video of Guler Ahmadova bargaining over parliamentary seat- now with English subtitles

I shared this video in my earlier post on the issue. However the original video was in Azerbaijani. This time you can watch the video with English subtitles. Watch and share! We are yet to see what will happen to Ms. Ahmadova... In the meantime, at least we have confirmed that corruption and bribery in Azerbaijan has no limits. That is why Azerbaijani Milli Majlis (the National Parliament) will never exercise its executive power. That is why non of our "democratically elected" MPs will ever stand by their people, vote on laws that would protect the people. The only body they will stand by will be their President- the one and only, Aliyev All Mighty! And that will always be their Achilles Hill- one mistake, one wrong word, one statement (against the President and his cronies of course) and your mandate is gone, and you are back among those very people you disrespect and fool by fake elections, false promises and look at them from above as if you are untouchable forever...

The full transcript of the video available here.

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