Monday, October 1

Just in- Guler Ahmadova voluntarily gave up her mandate

Yes, I didn't dream of it but its what Ms. Ahmadova said in an article published here [AZ]:
I haven't gone anywhere, I am in Baku, at my home. In order to help the investigation process I have voluntarily gave up my mandate. I continue to live as an ordinary citizen in the country" said Ahmadova in an interview with APA.
 There were rumors that Ms. Ahmadova fled the country following the video scandal, however, she dismissed these rumors. She is angry though. She is demanding Elshad Abdullayev (the man in the video bargaining for the parliamentary seat) to join the investigation.
Now its Elshad Abdullayev's turn. Let him now stop this mailing and video game, come to the investigation, and respond to all the questions on legal basis.
It is not surprising she is angry. After all she is no longer untouchable, and she lost her major source of income. I am just wondering, where does she spend this money, she must be incredibly rich? I doubt she is into philanthropy and is saving money for a greater cause, unless of course, that greater cause is something to do with her and her family?! Who knows... Thats a mystery to be resolved, or not... 

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