Thursday, September 27

Parliament for sale and Guler Ahmadova's "surprising" response

This image I am sharing was circulated on Facebook and so I could not resist the temptation to share it here with you. The rough translation of the photo:

"There are so many out there wanting to be parliament members..." (c)- now guess who the author of these words is. Probably wont be that difficult.

Now, back to the scandal- Ms. Ahmadova said the video was a fluke and that it was montage- at this point I want to say Montage my a**! I think our government really considers 100% of its population as dumb! 

As if I cannot tell the difference between whats real and whats not! As if I am (and so are the rest of the millions of fellow Azerbaijanis) imbecile?! We all knew about corruption! We all knew about fraudulent elections! We know that our country is not a democracy and to claim it otherwise is simply dishonest (but hey, what I talking about here- honesty, that is something not in lexicon of our officials)! People are not idiots! The fact that nobody says anything is another story- people are afraid to say or do anything because they are afraid of getting arrested, being beaten up, disappear, lose their jobs, put their families and relatives in danger (and even murdered I am afraid to say)! Everybody knows about millions of stocked away revenues! But to have the arrogance and come out to say that this was a montage is simply UNACCEPTABLE! For once stop treating your people as imbeciles- because we are not! 

Yes, Azerbaijani government is systematically raising imbeciles- like those two so- called sportsmen who beat up Emin and Adnan. Or like those civilian dressed "guards" who carry (or shall I say just shovel) people into police cars during protests. Or those "officers" who knock women down and don't look back but then when it suits them they talk about morality and how much respect Azerbaijani woman has in our society! 

Ms. Ahmadova what you are saying is so desperate of a statement for someone who has gotten herself so deep in sh** that its funny. You are making a joke of yourself. Just accept it and resign with some dignity (if there is any) left in you...

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