Monday, October 1

Parliament for sale part 2- why there is no reaction from our very own parliament

A reaction on Facebook from a friend of mine, prompted me to write another post on this video scandal. And its a good point- why none of our so called democratically elected parliament members said anything about Guler Ahmadova's video? Why none of them came forward to say for instance that this is not true about the rest of them, that they haven't paid for their seats, or that they have been democratically elected, or that this is a terrible thing to happen and a disgrace to their reputation as the country's executive body... 

Here is probably why:
- Milli Majlis [MM] has been stripped of its many powers a very long time ago and is afraid to put in practice any of the powers it still posses;
- MM is merely a stamping machine approving everything sent in from "above";
- MM is not democratically elected body;
- MM members are afraid for their seats and mandates;
- As of 2010 MM consists of ruling party members;

and so on and so forth...

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Here you can read some respond from parliament: