Thursday, March 1

To my dad, a man full of life! I am going to miss him dearly!

This morning I received the worst news- my dad passed away. He has been battling a multiple number of health related issues for a while now but he was doing well. He was a very strong person and I adored that in him. No matter what, he always spoke positively. In the last few weeks that he was at the hospital I thought I am going to lose him but he survived, he left the intensive care and we all thought that this was a sign- he was going to get better. No one thought that this is going to happen. I even brought him Georgian wine from my last trip to Tbilisi. I promised we'll drink once he recovers. I still have the bottle at home. 

What else I could say- he was a great man. I am going to miss our heated political debates, his jokes, our conversations about life. He left me too early... He left all of his friends and family too early... Rest in peace father! I love you!  


The Blogar said...

Dear Arzu,
I am so sorry for your loss. Please take good care of yourself.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

White Rabbit said...

Başın sağolsun !

Ibrahim &Aytakin Aliyevs said...

Allah rehmet elesin, yeri cennet olsun. Agir itkidir,amma unutmaq olmaz ki olum haqqdir, her kesin dadacagi bir heqiqet. Allah size ve sevenlerine sebr versin.