Friday, August 12

Another demolition, another eviction

Today, the office of the Peace and Democracy Institute was slowly taken apart by some random men along hundreds of homes and office spaces destroyed and demolished in one of the oldest areas of the capital of Azerbaijan. The authorities are planning to erect a winter boulevard on that area. 

The video below is the footage from today- how that office is taken apart piece by piece. The yelling women in the video are demanding for the resignation of the president, and his aid, calling them traitors and violators of human rights. The yelling man outraged promises that one day the homes of Ilham Aliyev, Ramiz Mehtiyev and others like them will be destroyed, their dictatorship will be destroyed just like that.

These men and women can yell as much as they want, their voices will only remain in this video. Azerbaijani authorities made it clear many times before that they don't care about its people. They only care about the sheep that quietly follows them. And as to the people?! Well, who are they for the Azerbaijani leadership?! They will and do just crush them, just as they crushed those homes...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes ordinary people ask us: "Do you want the things to turn like in Libya?!" I always answer "Yes, sure I want it!" Both in Azerbaijan and in Libya homes are destroyed, people getting killed, nevertheless in Libya the dictator is also suffering. Because people are fighting for their freedom.
Till the day we realize that we have to demolish the regime, the regime will demolish not only our homes, offices, but also our (our children's?) lives as well!