Friday, August 12

Small protest in the capital of Baku

Today, a group of Azerbaijani youth- from the Committee for Protection of Young Political Prisoners- held a small protest at the Fountain Square. Dressed in black and white striped t- shirts and carrying a poster with "Democracy" written in between "bars" these young men and women walked through the square. Those following behind, held posters of currently in prison young activists- Ruslan Bashirli, Cabbar Savalan, Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, Tural Abbasli, Ehed Memmedli, Rufat Hacibeyli, Elnur Israfilov, and Ulvi Quliyev. 

The protest aimed to symbolize that the arrest of these young people, means arrest of democracy and the violation of human rights. 

According to this article [AZ] passers-by seeing the posters and the photos exclaimed their support for the youth.

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