Sunday, March 13

March 12 protests in Baku (updated)

On March 12th, Azerbaijani people and its opposition chanting: "resign" (Istefa), "freedom" (Azadliq), "end to corruption" (korruptsiyaya son) and much more. But Azerbaijani authorities, claiming that "all is well" and Azerbaijan is an example of "blossoming democracy" clamped down on peaceful protestors.

The video below is compilation of footage from yesterday from downtown Baku.



Sergiu said...

the protest get put down so fast, you hardly get a chance know of them

very good blog by the way :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these. It is important that the world begins to see what is happening in Azerbaijan.

What was the boy at the end of the first video saying? Why did they all of a sudden grab him and drag him away? Was he threatening the policemen?


arzu geybulla said...

Dear Anonymous,

Unfortunately, the institutions that talk of freedom and democracy like Council of Europe and the EU, close their eyes on what is happening in Azerbaijan. Its not the first time, and it wont be the last. People will continue getting arrested, voices be silenced, but dissent will never die. I at least hope so.

He was talking about the unemployment of youth, especially after coming back from military service. He was saying that once they are back, they have nothing to do as many can't find jobs. He then told the police officer, that those who are sitting "above" should come down and stop wasting money. Following which the police at first said that those who come back from military service, will never be like him (like the young boy he was talking to) and that they are like the police officer who was standing next to him and that as long as the guy (the young boy) thinks that way, he will continue complaining all his life. He then got upset because he finally understood that boy was preaching, and so he said, before grabbing him- this is how i am going to show you how its done (or something like this) and then they grabbed and took him.