Tuesday, March 15

'Generation Facebook: Emin, Adnan, and the Future of Dissent in Azerbaijan'

Much has been said and written about Azerbaijan, its failure to meet democratic standards and treat its citizens justly. Numerous international reports been published, statements made, warnings sent. But none had any effect on this country of 8.6 million population rich in oil and gas. If all goes the way it is, nothing will change in Azerbaijan and free voices will be further silenced, punished and crushed.

However, Azerbaijani youth, its "Facebook Generation" is advocating change, despite it all. European Stability Initiative, a Berlin based think tank looks at this and other nuances of Azerbaijan's popular dissent and political development through several prisms of politicians, youth and international organizations. Starting from the birth of Azerbaijan's first Democratic Republic in 1918, and ending with arrests of Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada, contested Referendum, and 2010 parliamentary elections, this report explores the debts of the popular rhetoric on democratic developments and the role international organizations such as the Council of Europe can play and yet has failed so far.

Ladies and gentlemen, with no further a due, I would like to present here the ESI 2011 Azerbaijan report 'Generation Facebook: Emin, Adnan, and the Future of Dissent in Azerbaijan'.

Generation Facebook in Baku - 15March2011                                                                                            

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