Friday, February 11

Misir Mardanov and his dynasty

I know, I write of corruption too often. This time its going to be about one particular minister and his expanding dynasty. 

Just few days ago, Azerbaijan Minister of Education, Misir Mardanov made a statement, where he promised to tackle the issue of corruption in education system of Azerbaijan and take all the necessary steps and precautions to get rid of this problem. 

So basically you are just now addressing the situation of corruption in education in Azerbaijan Mr. Mardanov? As if its something new? Because I haven't seen any progress, nor have thousands of Azerbaijani students who are forced to pay to their teachers to pass their exams and when they don't, they have to go through humiliation and only then get a "satisfactory" grade? Why would you make studying so miserable Mr. Mardanov? Is it because you don't have enough money stuffed away somewhere in your "educational" dynasty? Or you simply don't want to have students educated? 

Please don't say you've just learned about this. And what does it mean when you say "Azerbaijan is working to fight corruption in education"? Working how? Thanks to you and your successful work you have turned Azerbaijan's education system into a market of buyers and sellers! 

And so what statistics show that Azerbaijan's population is 90% literate?! You consider paid diplomas a symbol of literacy? Or doctors giving wrong prescriptions an example of literacy? Or accountants who don't have basic accounting knowledge as indicator for literacy? Oh no, I know, you consider teachers who teach their students how to steal and bribe more as an indicator? 

Dear Mr. Mardanov, your lies are indicative of only thing- your blindness! Open your eyes and for once speak of the truth and do something that is real and not just an empty statement!


Anonymous said...

Shamsaddin Hajiyev, rector of State Economic Univeristy, declared today that there is no corruption at universities. Not a single fact of bribery. That was the funniest statement I've read these days. :)

arzu geybulla said...

hahaha! surprise surprise!

Anonymous said...

As a previous student of the State Economic University I would like to say that while there are 'thousands of Azerbaijani students who are forced to pay’, what disappoints me is that there are thousands of students voluntarily paying not willing to risk their comfort, sleepless nights, a couple of additional hours spent over books, etc or simply because ''others do the same'' that is what my friend, another student of the same University says.

arzu geybulla said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for your comment.
Indeed, there are also those students who pay bribes for the sake of their comfort. Its unfortunate and leaves much greater impact on their lives than anything else. They are going to be like this- lazy and unwilling- for the rest of the their lives, always looking for easy ways out.