Thursday, February 10

Azerbaijan says no to corruption?!

During Ilham Aliyev's recent visit to the regions, the president of Azerbaijan called on its people to report on any bribery and corruption related incidents directly to the Presidential Administration, local executive administration representatives (ex-coms), and other responsible institutions. 

President noted that while minimum pensions and salaries were raised over the recent years, it shouldn't and doesn't mean that its enough. 
I am saying one more time, this doesn't satisfy us. We must strive, to ensure that Azerbaijani citizens live better lives (you can read the full article here [AZ]. 
But, are these never ending promises mean that actually authorities will start tackling this problem? If it does then half of Ministers and University professors, and school teachers, and doctors and state employees will be punished. As long as of course, people report on these incidents? But to report where? Yes, the President did say Presidential Apparatus and ex- coms but aren't these very ex- coms breed corruption?! Aren't most of the heads of these ex- coms own various shady businesses, hotels, restaurants, lavish villas on the sea front and what not?! 

Oh well, will see how this actually unfolds though perhaps before calling on the people the authorities should in fact, enforce all the requirements of a law to fight corruption adopted in 2007 and ensure that all its government structures are transparent. 

For now, the only answer that comes to mind when hearing the phrases of authorities tackling corruption, is "in your wildest dreams you fools!" ("them" telling "us" of course).


Anonymous said...

Kohne mashinin tekerin choxda yagla ne menasi?!

arzu geybulla said...

haha! "kohne mashin" ela dediniz Mushvig. Duzdur, ne menasi, ama deyirem, arada yada salmaq yaxshi olar :)

peacemessenger said...

...maybe because I'm reading about Soviet time anti-corruption campaigns but this sounds very much déjà-vu to me :)

arzu geybulla said...

hehe, well maybe its a good thing that you are reading about that right now, otherwise you would not have felt like this :)