Monday, February 7

Honest Azerbaijani police or how it endlessly plants drugs on others? (Updated)

It is getting a little tiring to hear the same story every time. It looks like hooliganism and drug possession are the two most popular accusations used by Azerbaijani police when they arrest activists, journalists and anyone who is not chanting under government tune. 

Another youth activist, 19-year-old Cabbar Savalan and a member of youth branch of Popular Front Party was arrested in Sumgayit. Police claims they found 0.17 grams of drugs on Cabbar who was allegedly planing to sell these drugs. The Sumgayit City Court charged him with two months of imprisonment. His friends and supporters claim his arrest has been orchestrated and is a punishment for Cabbar's activism.

Cabbar, is a fourth year student at the Sumgayit State University, majoring in History.

According to AzeriReport, Cabbar, posted the following update on the Facebook page of the Party's Public Chamber days before his arrest:
I am very serious friends. It is time to leave the Facebook and go to the streets. I am talking about the time and location of the protest activity. Let us organize a Day of Wrath at Freedom Square on February 11 at 12.00. If you have any other suggestions, let me know.
It is possible that current unrest in the Arab world, triggered Azerbaijani authorities in its decision to strengthen the control over alternative voices, oppositional groups and dissidents. 


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