Tuesday, February 8

Azerbaijani lawyer disbarred from national bar association

Azerbaijani authorities are on a mission- to narrow down (and most probably complete removal) the circle of free voices by using a number of many different ways- detention, false charges, beating and what not. They don't really care whom they sack, as long as the mission is accomplished, they are happy and can to bed with one less person to handle. The list might be getting shorter but frustration ain't going anywhere. 

A prominent defense attorney, Osman Kazimov was disbarred from Azerbaijan's National Bar Association. His expulsion was requested by the First Deputy Attorney General Rustam Usubov when 'Kazimov and his client refused to sign record of deposition claiming that the statements in that record were altered and did not represent what the defendant had told the investigator during the interrogation' reports AzeriReport. Kazimov is known for defending Nuri, Ruslan, Bahirli and Ramin Taghiyev in 2006, who were charged with an attempt to overthrow the government following contested parliamentary elections held in Azerbaijan. 

Read the following article for more info on Osman Kazimov.

Those high walls, carefully built around authorities will eventually fall, nothing is eternal. The question is what is going to happen then...

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