Monday, February 7

Future of Egyptian politics

Wanted to share this video with you:
The revolutionary chants on the streets of Egypt have resonated around the world, but with a popular uprising without a clear direction and an unpopular leader refusing to concede, Egypt's future hangs in the balance. Riz Khan talks to Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek about the power of popular dissent, the limits of peaceful protest and the future of Egyptian politics.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing- I'm not a big fan of Traiq Ramadan, but the point that Egyptian are not doomed to some kind of cultural curse and are entitled to democracy and freedome as well is refershing- also for a part-time observer of the caucasus region who can easily fall in some kind of political cynism about the prospects of democracy in the region

arzu geybulla said...

true, i agree. it is always refreshing to hear something new and perhaps event optimistic. even more so for someone who is from our part of the world.

welcome by the way.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent and needed commentaries, I enjoyed the video, many thanks!