Wednesday, February 9

"Cottage industry" or how Azerbaijani authorities building an "army" by brainwashing

I was reading an article today on US policy and protests in Egypt by George F. Will, and this is where this "cottage industry" phrase actually came from. The moment I read it, I thought of how well it would fit,  when describing the situation in a country that is not so close geographically to Egypt but leadership, injustice, and corruption vise very much so.  

Why did I think of that? Well, because in all its truth, Azerbaijani authorities are busy with building its very own cottage industry (unfortunately this wont be about Azerbaijani government trying really hard to change something that would truly have a positive outcome on the country, no way!)- an "army" of brainwashed citizens. They have already recruited thousands if not I dare say millions but as if its not enough, busy bees are working hard to have more and more and more. Just like with money and power, there is always need to have more and more and more. Soon there will be lots of men and women, graduates or students of Azerbaijan's State Sport Academy (or elsewhere, its just these guys are known for their aggressive behavior, especially men) walking around the city, ready to beat the crap out of someone, but then pretend that they were the victims of the attack and walk out freely, looking for their new pray. 

Perhaps, one day, we are going to hear an addition to Azerbaijani government's most favorite and used phrase "analogu olmayan" (nothing alike) speaking of its "cottage industry" and its "smart, intelligent, innovative" members changing the country only for the better and adding more "analogu olmayan" developments to it. 

Will this ever end? When will Azerbaijani authorities start realizing that stealing from people wont do any good, keeping salaries and pensions low will only foster more anger, frustration, bribery and corruption. Silencing its youth wont change their thinking, ignoring your own people and feed them with lies will only damage the trust that is already pretty much non- existent. Arresting journalists will only make them write more. The whole world knows that Azerbaijan is run on dictatorship, so why lie about it all the time and everywhere, pretending that life is great?!  

Will it realize this? Or will it continue building "cottage industry"? For now, "cottage industry" looks more profitable...

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