Thursday, July 8

Somethings simply never change...

Its been exactly one year since Emin and Adnan were arrested. Last time I saw my friends was behind bars in a court room, both standing strong despite everything. 

During that year, despite numerous international calls to release the two activists, nothing happened. Authorities continue refusing to accept anything let alone scary reality. 

And so disclaimers, refusals and lies are now part of the regime with key government officials like Ali Hasanov, who is the Chief of Public- Political Department of the Presidential Administration turning a deaf ear on calls of International Organizations. 

It was in July when Hasanov openly said that whatever European Court of Human Rights ruled (regarding Eynulla Fatullayev's case) is not something supported by the whole world. "The whole world doesn't think like that... Neither Haraszti nor Fikteus mean the whole world. All these processes are controlled from one center and we are well aware of that". Topping up these comment with another one: "Azerbaijan has no intention to become a cosmopolite state like the ones in Western Europe". 

And yet, Baku's expensive boutique shops and fancy cars are nothing short of resembling a cosmopolitan city. Especially after it was named one of the most expensive cities to live in. But that is all that is there- external visibility of everything being "nice" and internally, rotting to the bone with no "medicine" to reverse the cycle.

There is still another year and a half to go through. We will continue hoping, talking, raising our concerns, protesting, signing petitions, reaching out for help, becoming more active and getting arrested, and silenced. And things will remain the same after Emin and Adnan are released. We are in a vicious cycle called struggle against one big giant. Who knows, perhaps there will be a "cure" to "mend an already deeply embedded disaster".

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