Friday, July 9

Etri, ori, sami, otxi, xuti (one, two, three, four, five)

Ah, wonderful Georgia. Despite being only a border away, I only visited Georgia for the first time two years ago. It was a short trip but I loved it and wanted to go back ever since. Little did I know that Georgia will become my second home for my work in the following years. 

But it was really a visit in April that made my stay in Georgia an unforgettable one. Thanks to a friend, whose excitement to show me around his city and country excited me even more. So I would like to take this opportunity and actually thank him- THANK YOU TEMO! You were great and I absolutely loved our tour around Georgia :)

Starting form key historical monuments to beautiful churches, to restaurants that served the most delicious Georgian food, to driving around night Tbilisi, I saw pretty much all I wanted and without knowing it, Tbilisi got me- everything about it- tiny side streets, colorful old balconies, khingali, tasty wine, people, old town....

Of all the places I visited, my favorite was the Jvari Monastery (dating 6th century BC) on the top of a hill that overlooked a small town. It was beautiful up there. And one of my most recent visits to Kazbegi mountain that is actually now renamed into Stepantsminda was yet another highlight (we didn't climb the mountain for the record but did make it to the church :). There is always something completely different when you are atop of a mountain- it is something like being carried away by the spirit of the height. 

But of course this is not the whole Georgia and there are still so many places I want to see there. And so, with a hope to see more of this gorgeous country on hopefully many more visits, I would like to end this post with some shots I took during my previous stays. 


Samira Tagiyeva said...

Vauu... You changes my opinion about Georgia :) I haven't even thought that it is worth to visit :S

Temurio said...

Xuti!!! Xuti!! :D

And this is how it looks in Georgian:
ერთი, ორი, სამი, ოთხი, ხუთი !