Thursday, May 8

Reality check! No surprises with Hollande's visit to Azerbaijan

Here is what's going to happen during Hollande's visit to Azerbaijan this coming Sunday.

Holland and president Aliyev will sit in the chambers of the all mighty with legs spread a feet apart and nod in unison to Azerbaijan's growing importance in this wild wild world.

Aliyev will list all the things that would happen if Hollande utters a word about the situation on human rights or the political prisoners.

They will shake hands, pose to the cameras, smile, say a few things about the wonderful friendship and the flourishing relations between the two countries. Then Hollande will say how impressed he was by the growth this small country has achieved in such short period of time.

Hollande will then board his plane, while Aliyev will return to his chambers to plot against remaining journalists, activists, and advocates.

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Anonymous said...

Have you actually been to any of such meetings between the heads of states? What you cite is what gets published in the newspapers, sure enough, but what exactly is the point of all this dribble? It sounds like you can't just help but spurt something negative out about (supposedly) your own country.