Tuesday, May 6

For the apologists of Azerbaijan's regime

Dear apologist, the video (below) is from the country you call a democracy, you call a partner, you speak of highly at meetings and events. This is from a country where 8 young innocent men were sentenced on trumped up charges for just believing in values of freedom, equality, for wanting Azerbaijan to be a true democracy and not a democracy served on a golden platter full of caviar, which you don't mind shoving in your face.

Dear international actors who have been looking the other way. You called our recent elections free and fair, you have raised no voice when honest people were put in jail. You remain silent to the daily struggles of citizens, because you get what you need in return- the resources to keep your people safe and warm. 

Dear government official, you have done your job well. You have silenced continuously those you want to be silenced. You intimidate those who are free. You instill fear in your people. You have chained your very own people and you have sucked up all the life out of them- you have created a country of robots and soulless individuals, brainwashed, afraid, not free. You have skillfully blackmailed, detained, murdered, jailed, and yet you are still considered a democracy abroad by any of your apologists (who you keep well fed, similar to brainwashing but the other way around). You have released those who belong in jail, and you have arrested those who believe in something bigger.

So, what does today leave us with... Crushed hopes, devastated families, mothers and fathers in despair, but not to worry we still have plenty of apologists of Azerbaijan who don't give a damn thing about the country's people and their chewed up rights. Oh and a country taking over the chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Way to go! Just sit there, silently, watching the country's free thinkers suffocate. 

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