Friday, January 11

Heart failure or torture, that is the question

A solider died. His name was Ceyhun Qubatov. He left his home approximately three months ago to fulfill his obligatory military service. He never returned.

His family was first told, he died of a heart failure. Strangely, Qubatov never had a heart condition, not according to medical reports prior to his military service, not during the service. 

Following desperate cries from his family (including photographs of the deceased that explicitly showed bruising over his body), an investigation is now launched, with some 15 suspected conscripts. 

Interesting isn't it? If it wasn't for Qubatov's family members' cries, this so- called "investigation" would never take place. I wonder whether those 15 suspected soldiers are actually suspects? Surely some of them will go to the tribunal, no one will dare to punish any of the high command military personnel who probably committed this treachery.

And of course, if initial report said Qubatov died of a heart failure, then why, all of a sudden there is an investigation, suspects?

It is just sad. A solider died. Life is lost. A young life. A life that had a future. But someone decided to end this life early. That someone will most likely never get punished for this, instead, someone else will rot somewhere in jail.

To commemorate the death of Qubatov and many more soldiers who "mysteriously" died (not during combat) of conditions as "heart failure" (and others) during their military service, a silent march is planned on January 12th at 16.00. A Facebook group [AZ] called "An end to death of soldiers" [with an impressive number of attendants already in its first day] reminds its readers that in no way this is a political protest, instead it should be seen as people's chance to say "Stop!" to this injustice, calling on anyone with conscience to come and join the crowd.

Incidentally one of the organizer's of the Facebook page, Ilkin Rustemzade reported of a police hunt on him. According to Rustemzade, his house, his relatives' homes, all received visits by local police officers in their "witch hunt" on him. Could it be a coincidence that all of a sudden he is on the radar? I wonder what is the explanation for this? Wait a second... I think we might already know this scenario- could it be hooliganism?

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Anonymous said...

But didn't he call his mother the day before to say that everything was well, that the next day they would be ascending the mountains for an exercise? Going high into the mountains where oxygen is low, probably under-nourished and not physically strong enough for the exercise, this could have been conditions for the heart to fail? falling down from the mountain could cause the injuries that he had? aren't there witnesses amongst the other soldiers to this? This is something that isn't so well-publicised at the moment but is an alternative and credible view.