Thursday, October 15

Making change happen- Blog Action Day!

As I write this post, I am only few hours away from Blog Action Day. I am going through a turbulence of emotions, hoping that my blog post as well as thousands of others are going to make a change in this world we live in. 

One may simply ask why? Why are you getting involved in something like thins? What is the point? Well, my answer will be simple- because I want to make a small contribution on my side to my future. I want to live in a safe and clean world, where my children will live as well. I want to leave something behind...

In Azerbaijan (where I am from) little is known about climate change and its impact on wider scale. Unfortunately, there aren't many policies dedicated to this issue. Many Azerbaijanis are unaware of recycling and its advantages, nor they are aware of using energy- saving light bulbs and etc. But I hope there will be in the future with more western educated young Azerbaijanis pushing for these kind of policies and changes in Azerbaijan. 

We must all be aware that given little policy initiative or no initiative at all, Azerbaijan just like many other countries will disappear from the surface of the earth (and yes, despite the fact that we have oil reserves and bla bla bla as our authorities like to say). 

But we must all take action- the government policies are not enough, every single person must take measures- start with simple things like separating papers, cans and glass disposal from main disposal. Yes, not everyone might be doing it, but you will (and I have started it myself) and that is a start. 

Lets make a change, unite on Blog Action Day 2009!


Sabi said...

awesome post! totally agree with you on this one :)

Unknown said...

persons must be aware of the issue, but without go' one can't achieve anything. Ok, I will ask my family in Georgia to separate garbage (paper, recyclable stuff etc.) but what difference will it make, if at the end of the day gov' dumps all garbage together?

Threw education of each individual there must be build strong group, which will be able to influence government on decision of this issue.

Jason Green said...


I saw that you are participating in Blog Action Day. I thought you might be interested in our press release about a brand new water treatment technology.

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Have a great day!

Jason Green