Thursday, October 15

Freedom has no boundaries

Yesterday (October 14th) friends across several cities around the world, celebrated one person's birthday. Emin Milli turned 30. And though right now, he is behind bars in some God forsaken detention facility in Azerbaijan, his friends and supporters all around, showed once again that freedom has no boundaries, nor does friendship.

London, Essex, Istanbul, Paris, Strasbourg, Baku, Moscow and New York were among those few cities where Emin's friends got together to raise their glasses to a one very bright young man. 

It was not so long ago (July 13th) when Adnan had his birthday. Also passed behind the bars but with a cake and food brought by his closest friends.

So, dear friends, I would like to raise a toast, to celebrate both Emin and Adnan's birthdays next year, once again together wherever we are, but this time united and stronger than ever! 

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ILkin said...

Thanks for this post. Heartwarming.