Friday, July 10

"no title"

This post doesn't have a title. This post doesn't have a theme. This post is simply about my frustration and disappointment. This post is about a let- down and everything else that is negative and that I can't explain in words, because, sometimes words are not enough! And finally this post is about outrage and anger about what happened today! Adnan and Emin were sentenced to two months of imprisonment based on charges of hooliganism!!!

I read a post by my friend this morning, that made me cry but I told myself to get myself together because I couldn't! I had to be patient, strong! 

What happened to my country? Why Azerbaijan has become this place where people lie, where there is no trust, where there is so much corruption, that when you get in line, you automatically start thinking that you ought to pay for the line to actually move?! Why there is no more justice?! 

I left my office in Istanbul today while the trial was still in the process. An hour later I received a phone call from a friend in Baku, Jake, who told me that they were sentenced to two months of imprisonment until the results of investigation!!! I was mad! I was angry! I was soo upset that I wanted to cry!

Now I am just checking the facebook and the updates I missed on during these few hours that I didn't have connection to the internet. I see sadness, I see rage, but most importantly I see no hope! Some of the posts are full of anger, others hatred, while some are words of support for Emin and Adnan!


Anonymous said...

well, this is azerbaijan, Arzu. It is a full - blown manifestation of absurdistan. Strangely, I feel deep sarcasm in my heart towards everything that happens in that nation. I understand your anger and I wish I'd have some words to console you.
But nay, I don't have anything to say. Azerbaijani people need more of that sort of absurdity - may be it would wake them up.

madman from Baku

LN said...

I think i can now say that I have no love for my country anymore.

I feel sick.